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Monica van Rijn, Visual Artist (Painter)
Studio: +31 (0) 20 6921602

Top of page    Curriculum Vitae

1950:     	Born in Amsterdam 
1951-1977:	Resides in the United States of America 
1974-1975:	Travels independently throughout Europe and Hawaii
1974:		Attains Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology at San Jose State 
		University at San Jose, California. Minors:  Psychology and Fine Art.
1975-1981:	Sings, composes and plays guitar in solo and band formations
1978-2000:	Following the study of Astrology, practices and lectures 
1987-1990:	Attends painting classes at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.
1989-pres:	Professional painter exhibiting regularly nationally and 
		Internationally in galleries, institutions, and museums. 
1992:		Following a 3 year study, the certificate 'counseling' (Astroanalyze) attained in Holland.
1994-pres.:	Various study trips abroad including studio in St.Tropez, France, 
		USA, Jerusalem en Cyprus 
1997Ėpres.:	'Painting Book-Objects' and 'Wall Installations' projects in The 
		Netherlands and abroad.
2000-pres.:	KICK OFF entertainment sessions (workshops and art 
		performances) in galleries and for special occasions. 
2004:		Various study trips to France including Studio in St. Tropez
     		Studio moved to Zamenhofstraat 122 F, 1022 AG Amsterdam.
2005:		Various cultural pleasure trips abroad, including the California west coast,
		the Nile in Egypt, with studio trips to Nicey-sur-Aire and to St. Tropez in France    
2006:		Various cultural pleasure trips abroad, including Cuba, Turkey, and Tenerife, 
		with studio trips to St Tropez and Nicey-sur-Aire in France.    
2006-pres.:	Private and group lessons in studio in Amsterdam.
2007:		Various cultural and pleasure trips abroad, including Turkey, Northern Italy,      
		with studio trips to Nicey-sur-Aire in France.       
2008:		Road trip through Indian Reservations from the southwestern through Oregon states      
		in the USA and periodic visits to studio in Nicey-sur-Aire, France. 

Top of page    Publications in (Art) Magazines

BRES                    1990
KUNSTBEELD              1992                             
TABLEAU                 1992
FINATA MAGAZINE         1992                    
PALET                   1993
KUNSTWERK               1993                                    
KUNSTBEELD              1994
KUNSTWERK               1994
TABLEAU                 1996                            
ADFODIRECT              1997     
KUNSTBEELD              1998
HET PAROOL              1998
PRIVÉ 1st wk            2000 (14 pages art)
FYSIOSCOPE              2002 (cover story)
LIBELLE                 2003

Top of page    COLLECTIONS

The Finata Bank, Stichting Bouwkwaliteit, De Baak
and BERAN Art Promotions B.V. have extended collections.  
Paintings can be found in private and business collections throughout: 
The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, 
Africa, and the USA.

All projects are original ideas with complete artistic freedom for the artist.

1992:   Finata Bank Art Engagement Calendar  
1993:   Finata Bank Art Engagement Calendar 
1994:   Windig Art New Years cards 1994 
1997:   Painted Art Objects for STAGO B.V.
        Celebration Portraits for Finata bank, businesses and individuals 
        Smart Dummies & Life Lines: 'Van Rijnís Original Hidden Framed Books' 
1998:   Holland Art Fair Solo Stand: The Millennium Wall 2000!
        Modern Art Magazine KUNSTBEELD offer of the month Ė Painting Book-Objects.  
        Silk Screen series 'The heart of the Matter' 10th anniversary GRAVIVAK
1999:   Wall Installation: 'Does Life begin at 40?'
        40th  anniversary Management Center De Baak
        Silk screen series: 'Eclipse' 40th anniversary De Baak
        Wall Installation and participation in Museum show: 'In My Image'
        Wall Installation and show 'The Icon of Silicon Valley'  
        incl. 65 book-objects in Silicon Valley, California 
2000:   Magazine PRIVé: '12 Faces of the Guides'  paintings for the millennium issue
        Workshop & Art Performance: 'The Wailing Wall' incl. 50 Painting Book-Objects
        Wall Installation: 'Panta Rhei'  incl. 80 Painting Book-Objects for Beran BV
2002:   Workshop: 'What counts for you in 2002' and game: 'Reunion Rolls'   
        Workshop: 'Between Abstraction and Reality' 
2003:   Workshop: 'Building on Trust'.
        Art Performance: 'Enter-trainer; Iím a feature, not a teacher'
        Art Performance: 'The birth of the Art Safe'  Interactive Art 
        Publication: 'Layers' with Van Spijk Art Projects, Venlo
2004:   Silk Screen Series joint venture with ART 4U Amsterdam.
2005:   Art Safe Project together with the 8th graders of the Rozemarn Primary school of Amsterdam.  
        Intratuin Kunstlijm Art Event. one of 12 participants who filled 3500 square
        meters of an abandoned garden nursery complex in Heemstede with monumental art.
2006:   Rozemarn Primary school Amsterdam Art Safe project: Traveling show.
2007:   Various projects together with Touching Art Projects Amsterdam among them interviewing
        participating artists for the Noordwaarts festival taking place every two years in Amsterdam.  
2008:   Art Performance: "Het oog op het IJ" painting together with Amsterdam North city councilmen 
        and company directors during the christening of the new office building on the waterway, het IJ, in Amsterdam North.
2009:   Founded DutchArtists.eu at www.dutchartists.eu Evolutionary Theatre: Dance performance Adam and Eve Touching Art


1990(Solo)      Amsterdam       Metz & Co.
    (Solo)      Oostzaan        Gallery OKK
1991(Solo)      Amsterdam       Heineken Gallery
    (Group)     Borne           Gallery Polder
1992(Solo)      Amsterdam       Gallery Signaal
1993(Solo)      Borne           Gallery Polder
1994(Solo)      Belgium         American Cultural Center Gallery / Brussels
    (Group)     Texel           Gallery Posthuys Texel
    (Group)     Amsterdam       Kunst Rai Art Fair / Gallery Bianca Landgraaf
    (Solo)      Blaricum        Gallery Bianca Landgraaf
1995(Solo)      USA             Michael Himovitz Gallery / Sacramento, Ca.
    (Solo)      Valkenswaard    Gallery Lamber
1996(Solo)      USA             Michael Himovitz Gallery / Sacramento, Ca.
    (Solo)      Amsterdam       Gallery Novanta Nove
1997(Group)     Africa          Gallery OKK / Mozambique
1998(Solo)      Diepenheim      Gallery Nijehove
    (Solo)      USA             4 city exhibits
                                Private Viewings in Seattle,
                                Lake Tahoe, Sacramento and Los Altos.
    (Solo)      Den Haag        Holland Art Fair (stand) / Millennium Wall
    (Solo)      Amsterdam       Kunst Rai - Art Fair / Kunstbeeld Stand
1999(Group)     Amsterdam       Jewish Historical Museum
    (Solo)      USA             GUNN Highschool Reunion / Silicon Valley, Ca.
2000(Solo)      Laren           Gallery Bianca Landgraaf
2001(Group)     Germany         Gallery OKK / Gauting
2002(Twin)      Amsterdam       Gallery Art Index
    (Solo)      Texel           Gallery Posthuys Texel
    (Group)     Bergen          Gallery The Obsession of Art
2003(Solo)      Bussum          Le Cadre Galerie
    (Solo)      USA             4 cities in California 
                                San Francisco, Santa Rosa, 
                                Carmel and Sacramento.
    (Solo)      Randwijk        Gallery Hofstede í't Klaphek
    (Solo)      MariŽnheem      Galerie P. Groen Art
2004(Solo)      Diepenheim      Galerie Nijehove
    (Group)     France          Galerie Paschos, Grimaud Village
                Rosmalen        Art Fair Autotron - with Galerie "Sous-Terre"
    (Group)     Lithoijen       Galerie en Beeldenpark "Sous-Terre" 
2005(Solo)      USA             private viewing California
2006(Group)     Rotterdam       Primavera Art Fair
    (Group)     MariŽnheem      Galerie P. Groen Art
2007(Twin)      Diepenheim      Galerie Nijhehove
    (Group)     Aalsmeer        Galerie MAC
    (Solo)      Amsterdam       Galerie Artistik
2008(Group)     Utrecht         Holland Art Fair
    (Solo)      Amsterdam       Galerie Artistik
    (Group)     Amsterdam       Participation in the Amsterdam Art Event "La Parade"
2009(Solo)      Amsterdam       Dutch Artists
    (Group)     Amsterdam       Salon Cu Cu 
    (Group)     Belgium         Galerie MAC / Knokke
    (Group)     Utrecht         Open Art Fair, Galerie Brauckmann Art
    (Group)     Amsterdam       Affordable Art Fair, Galerie Brauckmann Art
    (Group)     Amsterdam       Museum de Noord
    (Group)     Amsterdam       Drive-By Showroom  www.dutchartists.eu
2010(Group)     Amsterdam       Drive-By Showroom  www.dutchartists.eu
    (Group)     MariŽnheem      Galerie P. Groen Art
    (Group)     Amsterdam       Galerie Artistik
    (Group)     Ootmarsum       Galerie Terra Promessa

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