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At location of choice

2008 De Key & Bouwfonds
Art Performance Het Oog op het IJ
opening celebration
of a new building.

2006 Rozemarn school
Personnel Art party

2003 Galerie Hofstede, Randwijk
Workshop Building on Trust

2000 Galerie Bianca Landgraaf
Art Party celebrations Wailing Wall
At Monica's Studio

Schilderworkshops najaar 2009 - 2010

2009 Girls Hockey Team art party
to conclude the end of the sport season

2008 Private Art Party Birthday Celebration

2005 Hopman Interheem Groep
Workshop Team Building

2004 Hopman Interheem Groep
Workshop Mapping your Life

2004 DHL Managers Cocktail Art
Party The Eye as a Scan Instrument